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How to find the best body camera options for oneself

 How to find the best body camera options for oneself

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A body camera, also known as police worn camera, worn action camera or in-field body camera. Set digital technology filming, digital technology photography, digital photography as well as video capture with an intercom transmitter system all rolled into one, can be carried out on the whole process of law enforcement action dynamic, static data on the spot situation intelligent record, can help the police in a variety of environments to protect their own interests. this camera can be used in the whole process of data collection for law enforcements day to day operation in a variety of enviroments, especially to protect their actions In addition the camera can carry out GPS Positioning through use of applications widely used in the judisiary instituations, a variety of outdoor adventures and any other situation that instant communication is necessary. To learn more about how to choose the best options for you, use these steps to find the right body camera to fit your needs.

Method of attachment

In general on-duty officers have their cameras afixed to their vest or hat. There are several options available to the market though. Crocodile clips, shoulder clips and magnetic backed clips are available , of which the magetic backed clip is the most reliable option to avoid the camera from being removed.

Number of cameras

body cameras are generally only a single camera. The difference lies in the quality and function of the camera, the camera is good or bad determines the quality of the captured images, and can be enabled in the background real-time recording video surveillance, but also the function of capture. The quality of a camera also determines the price of body cameras.

Appearance, standby time

There are standard size and miniature micro, mini advantage is lightweight, the disadvantage is also very obvious, the battery capacity is small, standby time is not long enough. If you have a long time uninterrupted use of demand can be considered removable batteries and more than a few spare batteries

Screen size

The screen size of body cameras are 1.5 inch, 2.0 inch, 2.4 inch, no screen, etc.. The mainstream size of 2.0, whether the screen needs touch function, this also depends on the use of the scene to decide

Memory capacity

General body cameras do not have embedded operating memory, to rely on memory cards to expand. If the MicroSD card expansion or SD card expansion, volume 16G, 32G, 64G, 128G vary; basically meet most of the storage needs, can be equipped accordingly to meet the needs, the greater the running memory body camera price will naturally be higher, generally according to the quality of the picture recorded by body camera to make decisions on how much running memory suitable for purchase, ultra-clear body camera There are 1080p and 1440p, 16G memory card recording 1080p video can record 2 hours long, 1440p video memory is close to 2 times the 1080p.

Video resolution and format

Video file resolution and frame rate is an important indicator of the quality of the picture quality of body cameras, body camera market is mainly divided into universal clear, high-definition, full HD, ultra-clear 4, high-definition body cameras have 720p@30FPS , 1080p@30FPS, 1080p@60FPS, ultra-clear has 1296P@30FPS&1440P@60FPS. format Support for H.265 is better than H.264, the same clarity of the case H.265 occupies less space, of course, you need to support the platform to resolve the H.265 format before you can play, or some computer consumer software does not support H.265 resolution.

Shooting screen range

There are several general shooting range, mostly based on the camera angle to adjust: 90 °, 100 °, 120 °, 140 °, 150 °, 170 °, etc.. The mainstream body cameras are equipped with 140 degrees or 170 degrees of wide-angle lens. 170 degrees of wide-angle lens will make the shooting screen wider and can capture more details.

Video Pixels

Body camera video clarity: 1 million clarity, 2 million clarity, 5 million clarity three. Some labeled 12 million, 36 million, 48 million clarity refers to static data photography, and not video clarity value.

Summary: Note that when shooting to try to expand the picture, beneficial to all-round record of nearby conditions. Need to pay attention to the quality of the wide-angle lens is also important to prevent the picture from distortion.

The body camera should have good picture quality and the ability to shoot at night. The high pixel is decided by the main control chip of the body camera, in this case, the user must be concerned about the main control chip of the body camera is which kind of image processing plan program. There is also to say that the body camera should have sufficient storage space in order to maintain a long-term reasonable camera.

Mainstream products image processor file format for MOV, avi, H.264 file format. If the body camera does not reach 30 frames per second, in the 1080P filming mode, the video will lag, not smooth. And in the 1440P shooting mode, at least 60 frames per second must be achieved, in order to see a smooth and clear video interface.

According to the National Center for Compulsory Certification Quality Body camera requirements, it is important to 3C verification, that is, market sales. Therefore, store buyers in the case of selection of well-known brands must be carefully selected, and purchase 3C verification of reliable manufacturers to ensure safety.

I hope this article can help you when you do not know how to choose body cameras.