Police body camera recommendations-BOBLOV M5

Police body camera recommendations-BOBLOV M5

Police body camera recommendations-BOBLOV M5

To most people, shooting video is just simply to record our life memories. For police, firefighters, and other public safety workers, recording the facts and evidence are particularly important. M5 body high-definition camera is an excellent choice to record in these types of harsh environments. The camera is drop resistant and dust proof.

Price $139.99(64GB with GPS&Suction Mount)


Police body camera can be worn comfortably and securely.

BOBLOV M5 body camera is sturdy and durable. The back clip is moderately tight and can be rotated 180 °. The camera connection can also be freely rotated 360 °, can be worn in any position base on personal preference. The overall black design reveals a sense of fortitude and seriousness.

Above the front of the camera is a 170-degree wide angle lens, 1440P HD resolution video recording, with six infrared lights on left and right side. These features captures detail and clear images and videos regardless time of the day.


On the left side of the body camera, there are 3 buttons. Top: Video recording & night vision button; Middle: Audio recording & white light button; Bottom: Red-Blue Warning button

boblov m5

On the right side of the body camera is the USB charging and data transfer multi-function interface, and power switch button.

boblov m5

The back of the body camera is an LCD monitor. The buttons allow users to quickly replay the video recording screen and angle in real time. Users can use these buttons to change the settings and other functions.

BOBLOV M5 body camera comes with a built-in 4200mAh battery, which can continuously shoot for 15 hours at 1080P resolution setting. It can also maintain a long battery life of 12 hours even in low temperature(-10-50℃). The long battery life avoid the need for frequent charging.

170 ° wide angle plus night vision, perfect restoration of the recording site

As a professional police body camera, it is important to be able to make a complete shot, ensure the picture is clear and perfectly restore the video recording scene. BOBLOV M5 body camera provides users with a 170 ° wide-angle lens, compared to the ordinary lens of the recording screen, can effectively increase the width and depth of the field of view in the picture.

boblov m5 shooting
BOBLOV M5 body camera shooting

The BOBLOV M5 body camera takes a wider picture, and the details on both sides of the road can be clearly seen just like in reality.

Even in dim occasions, BOBLOV M5 body camera with infrared night vision function can still record great pictures and videos. For example, the figure shows the underground parking lot, when we walk from the bright scene into the dark area. BOBLOV M5 body camera sensor detects the change in light and automatically switch the lens infrared filter, while turning on the infrared light to fill the light. This design is a clever way to avoid the manual adjustment during an emergency.

Dustproof and anti-drop, multi-functional to meet any scene

The working environment of law enforcement officers is highly likely to be in some extreme weather and environment. It is inevitable that the body camera can get into the water of will be impacted by force.

During the actual experience, to test the drop resistance of BOBLOV M5 body camera, we placed it at a height of about 2 meters free fall. After several experiments, BOBLOV M5 body camera appearance and screen intact, and it can still function normally.

This is due to the quality of the production process. BOBLOV M5 body camera is made with a two-color injection molding one-piece industrial plastic case. It is hard to fade or deform with no slit button. It is dustproof and water resistant.

The body camera has a fixed memory. Once the memory runs out during recording, the earlier files will be deleted and the recording will continue in a loop, but the user can press the important video marker button during the recording of an important event, and not only will it not be overwritten, but it will also display the "important" logo during playback.

Summary: clear picture and comprehensive functions

After some experience, BOBLOV M5 body camera has the ability to shoot clear and high quality picture, wide perspective, and fearless night. Additionally, it has rich and fast function, can be completed with a key video, photo, recording and mark a variety of operations. Finally, the fall and waterproof dustproof ability is excellent, easily cope with extreme weather and harsh environments.

Nowadays, everyone can publish the opinion of the situation. Misunderstanding can be occurred during the law enforcement process. BOBLOV M5 body camera is a comprehensive and trustworthy video recording device, and it is conducive to promote the transparency of law enforcement.