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BOBLOV LF600/LF600AG 650Yards Golf Rangefinder 6X Magnification Flag Lock Black

Sale price$104.99
Version:LF600 without slope

BOBLOV 650 Yards Slope Golf Rangefinder with Pinsensor 6X Magnification Support Vibration and USB Charging Flag Lock Distance Speed Measurement Range Finder Black Color LF600 /LF600AG

 LF600 Golf Rangefinder without Slope Download

LF600AG Golf Rangefinder Slope Version Manual Download

BOBLOV LF600AG rangefinder brings you the next evolution of flag-lock with vibration technology.

Slope compensation helps to improve your golf skill,what’s more, it can be turned off by switch, and allows you to toggle between elevation measuring slope and tournament legal non-slope modes.

Note please.LF600 has not slope function.

                      LF600AG can support slope function.

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  • ⛳【Pin acquisition with 1s Fast Flag Locking】Provides 1s fast measurement with 1 yard accuracy, together with Pinsensor technology to accurately measure overlapping subjects, locking range up to 200 yards, perfect for measuring golf flags,you can easily Switch units between meters and yards.
  • ⛳【Customized Switch Button to control Vibration on/off or Slope on/off】LF600 Golf distance finder customized a switch button to control Virabtion features in LF600G version(without slope),control Slope On/Off features in LF600AG version(with Slope).You can turn it on/off easily as your need.
  • ⛳【Adequate clarity and dependable accuracy】 As a rangefinder, the distance accuracy is pretty vital, We have customer who compares the LF600 and their golf GPS device on the golf cours, The slope distance is about 1-3 yards off within 200Yds, and is more than adequate for 99% of the ranges.
  • ⛳【The golf scope enquiped with three modes】Ranging mode,Flag locking mode and Speed mode. Support speed measurement, short press the power button after targeting the moving object, the speed data will be displayed on the screen. A good tool for your for vehicle watching.
  • ⛳【Premium golf/hunting mate and Battery USB Charging】Magnification x objective is 6x 22mm; range measure accuracy is ±1yard,speed measure accuracy ±5km/h.Perfect for carrying while golfing or hunting, or for measuring and surveying without extra weight or bulk. Built-in rechargeable battery for device,No worry to change battery of device and Economic-friendly
  • BOBLOV LF600AG Golf rangefinder.10BOBLOV LF600AG Golf rangefinder.11
  • Basic Spec:

    • Range: 6.6~656(yd) for LF600AG
    • Slope: On/Off optional
    • Vibration: Supported
    • Range Measuring Accuracy: +/- 1Yard with 200yards, 0.4% out of 200yards
    • Measuring Range of Speed: 20~300km/h
    • Laser type: 905nm (Class 1 laser)
    • Magnification: 6X
    • Battery: build-in lithium battery3.7V/800mAh
    • Weight: 168g/5.9oz
    • BOBLOV LF600AG Golf rangefinder.1BOBLOV LF600AG Golf rangefinder.2BOBLOV LF600AG Golf rangefinder.3BOBLOV LF600AG Golf rangefinder.4BOBLOV LF600AG Golf rangefinder.5BOBLOV LF600AG Golf rangefinder.6BOBLOV LF600AG Golf rangefinder.7BOBLOV LF600AG Golf rangefinder.8BOBLOV LF600AG Golf rangefinder.9